Monday, May 2, 2011

So Oopsie I fell for it again

I actually dont really understand it.  He pretty much went from excited to excited and worried to worried and super worried but still excited.  Then last night he decided that all he doesnt want a committed relationship right now and he just wants sex and to be able to party.  Im glad that I found out before I went across the country for him.  I am completely heartbroken, again.  I dont even have words.  Why would you throw away love?   He claimed that he loved me more than he ever loved anyone.  Hes either a liar or hes scared.  I know him.  Hes scared and stupid and thoughtless.  But Im not waiting on him. 

I have a good guy now.  (he was a good guy, but he just needs to grow up)  This new guy wouldnt forget things, he would be there for me and talk and remind me how much he cares often.  Im going to give him a chance.  Hes a good man.  I dont know if he will make me happy, but Im going to try.

I had the arguement w my ex last night and this morning I changed my facebook status.  I know how silly that sounds, but the new guy, he already had changed his back a month ago. 

My ex may have been my soul mate, my other half, but I can be happy with someone else.


  1. Trying is the first step....after letting go of the ex, of course.