Saturday, May 28, 2011

I miss you

I miss how I could count on you being there. I miss how deeply I felt it when you kissed me.  I miss how safe I knew I was in your arms, for once in my life.  I miss it all.  But mostly, I miss my best friend.

I will never understand it, neither of us are completely great at expressing ourselves. 

You were my first and only love so far.  I guess part of me will always love you.  I wish rhings were different.  but theyre not. 

Im going to forget about this today, if only for a day... well a night.

Im sure Im going to regret this.

It woould be a great laugh if I, the one who never thought Id fall in love, only loved truely once.  a great laugh.

The irony is that I too do not want any committment anymore.  Certain crippling irony.

The likelihood for me to jump into something is high, but so is the likelihood that Id end it before it ever had hints of being serious.  I didnt want it before and I dont want it after. 

Finally a skeptical little butterfly falls for her best friend, the moth. 

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