Friday, April 29, 2011

APPRENTICE!!! How you hide from me!?!?!


Feeling up to an adventure,  I gathered my courage and ventured out into the wild, britstling world.
My quest was to deliver a magical document to the apprentice.  My quest started out shakey.  I was burdened with doubt.  Would I ever make it there?  Many goblins attempted to thwart my path.  However, I avoided there advances and came out unscaved. 

Finally ariving upon my destination, I discovered that his location was hidden.  The maze must be for protection and only the most trusted and witty can find the end.  I put up my best defences and wandered in.  Unlucky for me, I dont have the best sense of direction, so for a bit, I was fooled.  I ended up in the garden of confusion.  I was afraid that I would be trapped.  But I found a secret door that led me to EXACTLY were I had been before.  I thought I had entered another lair, No!... I circled back to the hall of whispers where I had went before.. It even suprised me..  Finally I went back, the place in front of my eyes, it was.   Hidden in plain sight.. GENIUS!!!  Apprentice, you are hidden well!  I am empressed!  Nigh, the faint of heart and sullied of sprirt would have never found you! 

Alas,  my quest has been completed.  It is out of my hands now. 

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