Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So lets just say that you still make my heart skip beats
Lets just say that you still have this hold on me
No matter how much I try to delude myself
No matter how much I try to kill the emotions
You still find ways to bring me back
You feel me gone, and you pull me back in

Why I keep letting this happen is beyond me
But I can tell you this, babe.  I will not be the one to put it all in.  I will not give all of myself again.
I am worth being fought for.  So if you want to fight for me, fine.  Nothing will ever change if I keep giving in, I wont change, the relationship will never get better, I will never get better, you will never get better. 

I am glad for the clarity.  I know who I want to be with and who I wont allow myself to be with.