Friday, April 1, 2011

Sigh... Again


I finally gave in and decided to let myself try to date again... First date is fri or sat.. He wants to do both, but I dont see that happening.. Toes in the water, not completely jumping in..

But then the ex, the one I still love, has been texting today.  He says he didnt know that he had the option for me to move there.  I told him that he did.  (I brought it up through text a couple of times.) But he says that he never received it and he wished that he had known.. I dont know what to think.. I have no clue what to do.. Now I think that he wants me to move there... I want to more than anything.. I still love him..

But then theres the date.  I cant not go.  Im not going to blow him off.. Hes been so patient.  Hes sweet and safe.  I dont think that he could ever hurt me.  But doesnt that make things pointless?  Isnt the unsure and passionate firework-love the point?  

I dont know what to do.  I still love him.

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