Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Silence of Suicide

I read a blog, by Lori the Random Ramblings of a SAHM, she is feeling the affects of suicide first hand.  She is blogging all the details and all the pain.  I cant imagine what she is going through, but she is strong and brave. 

We need to talk about it.  When something affects us, it should be spoken.  Her blog is her outlet, I veiw this one as a journal of sorts and I think that is what it should be. No it isnt going to set someone off into suicide. That is ridiculous.  If anything her blog would help people.

Both men and women commit suicide.  Men are more violent about it, more final.  I think as women, even with suicide we have length to change our minds.  But women are more likely to talk about it.

Women are more likely to seek help.  There are studies on it.  We cover them in class.  Men have to be strong, to them moany times asking for help is showing weakness.  This topic does need to be discussed more.  Everyone thinks that it wont happen to them, this wont happen in their lives, but it does.  Like cancer.  It happens. All the time.  And talking about it will bring everyone a little bit closer to the issue.  Talk to your friends, family, significant others, just talk.  Most people will hit that point were they think about it, but we come back from it.   It does get better. 

So you go Lori.  Hopefully your blog helps you sort through things, and maybe it will touch someone out there and change someone's life.  And if anyone has a problem with it, screw them.  People brush to many issues under the rug.  Too many times we go silent.  Talking is healing.  Writing is healing.  Time is healing.  But through your processes, maybe someone will speak. 

So if anyone, anywhere, ever reads this... Speak.

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